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ARI Flow Control Africa

ARI Flow Control Africa

Tel: + 27 079 492 3043


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ARI Flow Control Africa is a member of VAMCOSA

ARI Flow Control Africa

  • A.R.I. Africa was established in 2000.
  • The company is a partnership between local businessmen and A.R.I. Israel.
  • The central offices of A.R.I. Africa are in Welkom with an additional office in Johannesburg.
  • ARA have started to local manufacture Air Valves for the South African Market. ARA provide a range of products for water transmission and wastewater systems for a wide range of solutions.
  • A.R.I. Africa provides design services to determine the placement and sizing of air valves, using ARIAVCAD, a software program developed by A.R.I.
  • The company also aids in providing solutions for preventing pipeline surges, combining design with the supply of appropriate products.
  • A.R.I. Africa products are approved for use in South Africa by most of the municipal water companies and water supply companies

Competitive Advantage

What sets us apart are the fact that we are a established well known brand, renowned for quality and solutions. We are active in continuous development leading the world in the latest trend of water supply, sewage and agricultural. This is where knowledge and experience join innovation.


D-014, D-016 | Combination Air Valve For High Pressures D-015 | Combination Air Valve For High Pressure D-040 | Combination Air Valve "BARAK" DO-40 LP | Combination Air Valve for Low Pressure DT-040LP | Combination Air Valve M-040 | Combination Air Valve D-050 / D-052 | Combination Air Valve D-050LP | Combination Air Valve D-060NS | Combination Air Valve D-060NSSB | Underground Air Valve System D-070 | Dynamic Combination Air Valve D-070P | Dynamic Combination Air Valve D-090P | Underground Air Valve S-014 S-016 | Automatic Air Release Valve S-015 | Automatic Air Release Valve S-050 | Automatic Air Release Valve "Segev" S-050LP | Automatic Air Release Valve "Segev" NR-010 | Check Valve with Removable Cover NR-020 | Wafer Style Check Valve NR-030 | Swing-Type Non-Return Valve NR-040 | Check Valve with Removable Cover NR-040HC | Flow Control Valve NR-050 | Tilting Disc Check Valve RP-500 | Backflow Preventer DC-500 | Double Check Valve SD-10 | Underground Air Valve D-060 LP | Combination Air Valve D-020 | Combination Air Valve for Wastewater D-020SB | Underground Air Valve D-021 | Combination Air Valve for Reclaimed and Non-Potable Water D-023 | Combination Air Valve for Wastewater D-023SB | Underground Air Valve D-025 | Combination Air Valve for Wastewater (Short Version) D-025SB | Underground Air Valve System for Wastewater D-026 | Combination Air Valve for Wastewater K-020 | Air & Vacuum Valve for Wastewater S-020 | Automatic Air Release Valve for Wastewater S-021 | Automatic Air Release Valve for Reclaimed and Non-Potable Water S-025 | Automatic Air Release Valve S-025SB | Underground Air Valve NR-040 | Removable Cover Check Valve NR-040HC | Flow Control Valve ODOR | Control Screen Assembly for Wastewater Air Valves SD-10 | Underground Air Valve
Contact Details
  • 9 Ninth Avenue
    Benoni Gauteng
    South Africa
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  • Tel: +27 11 849 7388
    Cel: +27 83 459 3073
  • Monday - Thursday: 8:30 - 17:00
    Friday: 8:30 - 15:00
    Saturday - Sunday: Closed
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